Folding System

Folding System

Patented design that allows a long service life and user comfort particularly suitable for glazing high balconies and applicable threshold spaces Wheel systems designed for quiet movement

Profile design that provides maximum transparency and is robust at the same time

Panel exit guide which automatically closes with movement of the panel facilitates use with utility model magazines Efficient water drainage from the bottom rail

Thanks to the double locking mechanism on the upper and lower rail, enhanced security

Possibility of mounting in any type of space with angular panel caps, Easy-to-fit, utility model award-winning wheel systems Aesthetic profile that appeals to modern tastes alongside their sturdy structure Bottom and top 4 pieces of wheel systems in total.

Fully integrated and elegantly designed aluminum side profiles

Reinforced insulation with additional side wall seals

Aesthetic, different, angular and high quality polyamide panel caps Corrosion resistant metal accessories