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As Paraguas aluminium, Turkey and Aluminum Products in the international market, shading, glass and Awning Systems among the companies working depending on the distinguished service, friendly and we continue our activities as a fully focused service.

As a company, we produce and market Shadows and Glass Systems to factories, industrial areas, hotels, cafes, restaurants and other businesses.

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  • Optional glass count can be 2 or 3.
  • The glasses move up and down horizontally.
  • 8-10 mm tempered glass is used.
  • Maximum dimensions, width is 4250 mm, height is 2600 mm.

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Sliding System

Insulating Sliding Systems have been developed by taking into account the shortcomings of the thermal insulated sliding systems currently in use and taking into account the easy assembly techniques. You can choose ISICAMLI SLIDING SYSTEM in homes, restaurants, winter gardens. In the double glazing series; The fact that glasses are double glazed and double-sided tempered provides more effective insulation, security and therefore energy saving. Glasses increase the insulation performance with various colors and features. Four seasons make it easier to live in more comfortable and more insulated spaces. Safety and security glasses should be used tempered within the body of Isıcam for both safety and preventing breakage.


Bioclimatic Pergola Systems are the highest point of imagination in the production of shading systems. Pergola System provides air conditioning by using the natural circulation of the air and provides air passage through its “Opening - Closing” aluminium panels. We have designed the Bioclimatic Pergola System, which is supported with many options so that you can use it freely for over four seasons.

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