PVC Membrane Awning Technical Specifications

Mega Flat Perola Awning

A fully integrated facility is required to produce a quality membrane material. The part that determines the characteristic features of the membrane material is high-strength polyester yarns.

These polyester yarns are woven with the desired properties within the production secrets of the manufacturer companies. The fabric resulting from the weavings is prepared for the coating process.

Coating process is completed at the end of the process that requires intervention with sensitive settings.

The welding property at the joints must be perfect for the manufacture of the specified membrane form. It should have high tear resistance and therefore high tensile strength. It must have high resistance against ultraviolet rays.

It should have self-cleaning feature with various lacquer layers applied last. It should not have liquid permeability.

It should be resistant to temperature changes in summer and winter seasons. Abrasion resistance should be high.

Membrane materials are classified according to their resistance values as type1, type2, type3, type4, type5… in the general literature and the material to be used is determined as a result of static calculations according to the project to be applied.